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Re: beck the elder (was "here is...")

A side-by-side comparison of the Beck and LZ versions of "I Can't Quit
You Babe" quickly shows who took that ball and ran with it while
writing his name all over it.  All Beck had going for him was being a
genius guitarist, Page had the larger version of the studio and was
much more ambitious, plus, he didn't make the mistake of hitching his
cart to Rod Stewart.  You'll spend a long time looking for an engineer
who's had someone come in and say "Dude--make our record sound like
'Truth'!" whereas LZ I is a benchmark rock recording.

And I've never listened to the White Stripes and thought "The
drummer's ruining this!", but she does seem to bug some people.


On 5/4/05, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:

> I saw beck about 18 months ago at the royal festival hall. bizarrely, his
> guests for the evening I was there (different guest bands each night of
> three I think) were white stripes. 
> one of beck's two drummers was terry bozzio, so we were treated to the
> unusual sight of jeff beck & jack stripe swapping solos on a yardbirds
> number while meg stripe tried to keep up with bozzio & the guy on the 
> kit. she's not very good, I'm afraid. can't do that "train kept a 
> shuffle. kept pulling up. 
> I really don't care for the stripes; though they have one or two 
> songs, the minimalist schtick & their "discovery" of the toerag recording
> studio leave me cold. maybe I'm just cynical. I had a lot of jsbx albums
> when the stripes first appeared, so the revisited stripped-down raw blues
> thing was sort of old in my house. 
> jeff beck, on the other hand- must be 60 now, & still moves/plays/looks 
> half that (& he looks a lot like nigel tufnell). 

> I still feel bad for him when I listen to the "truth" & "beckola" albums-
> they are a mixed bag, but in there somewhere are the seeds of something
> great.... which by all accounts, mr page decided to appropriate for his 
> next adventure after the yardbirds finally expired. jeff beck is said to
> have shed a tear or two when his erstwhile colleague played him demos of 
> &, feeling slightly betrayed, had to go away for a few years & reinvent
> himself. imagine if page had stolen rod stewart to sing for him aswell,
> instead of plant.....