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Re: Sound Clip: Eclipse-ish sounds on Powerbook

I guess you're pulling my leg now ;-)  But seriously, pictures are  
too heavy documents to post. I'm sending the graphical designer of  
the mag 15 complete full monitor screen shots in as multi layered TIF  
files. Each picture is 80 to 90 percent bigger than the area that is  
to be used for printing. The ten percent area, that the text is  
focusing on, I mark out on a separate layer. Complete online delivery  
of one such article is 60 to 90 MB.

If someone wants to experiment with setting up, in Live, the stuff I  
described I'm happy to answer any questions that might come up. I can  
even send the Live Session document to whoever might be seriously  
interested. It's only 644 KB. But it will not work for any one else  
until that person had redone all the midi controller mapping to fit  
his/her set-up.


On May 5, 2005, at 22:38, David Coffin wrote:

> Wot...no pictures?!!
> On May 5, 2005, at 1:12 PM, Per Boysen wrote:
>> If I did, it wouldn't look a lot different than the step-for-step  
>> description I already posted ;-)