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Re: The Live Looping Community: myth or reality

And for some of us, it's nearly the only way of interacting with like 
people.  For a lot of reasons I won't get into,  I don't interact with many
loopers in "the real world."  So being able to chat and read about looping
and with 'loopers' is absolutely a wonderful thing.


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> There's always gonna be some equivocation when it
> comes to defining stuff like this, but I think in our
> case it has to be extended to include things like:
> 1) a network to provide a greater knowledge/database
> both technically and technologically.
> 2) a support system for diseminating gig info, both
> for informing members of said 'community' when/where
> events are taking place so that members may attend,
> and also to assist in organizing the events in the
> first place.
> 3) a means of initial contact and subsequent
> communication for collaborations, both in live
> performance and recording projects.
> 4) more of a group identity as a means of feedback to
> the manufacturers of looping gear to reflect which
> features are more or less desireable in new equipment.
> (as we've noted before, Boss/Roland seems to be exempt
> from this one...)
> Et cetera,
> -t-