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Re: "hold note" function

Yeah, you could do this on the Echoplex. Probably the best way would be to
record something like 4 seconds of silence, play that back, then hit 
and play in your drone. I think it would hard to make the drone seamless 
if you
didn't record silence first. Hit Overdub again when you're done. Then if 
want to layer more stuff over the drone, use the "multiply" function.

Before I had any other looping devices, I used a DOD DFX-94 delay pedal to
create drones from my Jerry Jones electric sitar. Eventually I mounted the 
pedal inside the sitar to make this easier:


The DFX94 has a maximum delay time of 4 seconds, which is just right for 
drones. And it has an infinite repeat that you can use to play it back

Mark Smart