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"hold note" function

Forgive me if this is available in the archives, but I have been unable to locate the answer I am looking for. 

In the 80's there was a guitar amp I had for a time on which I could play a note, tap a footswitch and indefinitely hold a note, until I tapped the footswitch again.  It was called, appropriately, a "hold note" function.  I am now looking for a way to do this.

With my old amp, their was no noticeable "click" etc.   I have owned a Boomerang in the recent past, and attempts to create a drone on it were miserable, always creating a rhythm, through the "click" at the beginning of the loop.

So my question:
I am going to buy an Echoplex anyway, so I am wondering:  Can I configure this somehow to create this non-stop, Indian style, drone pitch, in real time?  If not, is there a product which will allow me to create a drone, "on the fly" and in real time?

Thanks for any help.

Donovan Stokes
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