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Writing Someone Else's Song (was: Pagey vs the Beatles)

>>The difference is that the Fab Four never earned Pagey's reputation as a
plagiarist. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Beatles never pretended to 
written someone else's song....<<

Duncan wrote in reply:
not, certainly, to the same degree as page & some of the other blues/rock
artists, but lennon did come a cropper over a line in "come together" which
resulted in his having to appease chuck berry by recording at least one of
the latter's songs for "rock & roll", post-beatles. & whilst not strictly
musical magpies in the same sense as led zep et al, the beatles were
certainly at least influenced by what they heard- byrds, dylan, varese,
stockhausen, cage......

--->And then there was George's "My Sweet Lord" (!)
Also of note: something in the way she moves is a lyric from James Taylor--
And what about "Golden Slumbers"?