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RE: Digitech JamMan???

Well I do see the advantages of the 6.5 hour recording time, 3 things

1) Record your first set, loop it, and use it as your second and third 
set, as you pretend to play the rest of the night.

2) Record the entire gig using it as a portable digital recorder, then 
transfer it to the HD.

3) if it had progressive undos, which I doubt, that kind of record time 
would be amazing (I constantly run out of undocapability using the EDPs 
3.5 minutes, when using multiple loops and switching bwtween them, one of 
the only things I really would like an upgrade on my EDP)

(I also don't think many people are going to be buying a 2Gig compact 
flash card at this point, for this, that would cost almost as much at the 
pedal itself).  

But I do kind of drool over the possibility of lenthtly record/storage 
times + MIDI sync at around $300, this had SO much potential!!!  
Especially paired with an EDP.  

Looking on the bright side, I'm glad this $300 pedal can't replace my EDP, 
I would have been pretty upset for dropping a grand on an EDP only to have 
it replaced by a $300 highly portable pedal.  

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Yeah, but dude--6.5 hours of recording time.  That's like, way more
useful than MIDI sync.

On 5/9/05, Brian <Brian@porterresearch.com> wrote:
> LOL...that is great!!!  I was just thinking they lost out on my $300 and 
>other peoples $300 just because they didn't do a little research to find 
>out that Midi-sync would be a desirable feature to separate it from the 
>competition.  You would think that this feature would have at least come 
>to mind when they looked at how well the "real" JamMans still sell for.  
>This could have been a great companion/backup to my EDP, oh well, maybe 
>they will get it right next time.
> Brian Walton