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Re: Repeater V2 Being Pre-release sold?

I wish they (and other manufacturers) would implement a "MIDI learn"
feature, where you could use a cheapo MIDI foot controller and define
what each garden-variety program change command did on the rack unit. 
So, you'd put it into "learn" mode and it'd prompt you for some MIDI
info to be input, you'd hit "1" (or whatever) on your MIDI foot
controller, and then it'd ask you "What should I do now?" and you'd
hit "Record" or whatever.  That'd have to be easier than programming
any of the "smart" foot controllers out there.  I think tc electronics
had a simpler version of this on some of their boxes.

On 5/9/05, mark sottilaro <marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> URLs?
> $499 is a great price.. I think I paid $525 for my
> first Repeater.  If it does what they say it's going
> to do (as they said the first Repeater would) I'd put
> in my opinion that it's a better device than the
> Echoplex.  I've owned both and the Echoplex was
> returned within a week.  Just didn't like it.
> Mark