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Re: EH 16 second MKII questions

From: "John McIntyre" <mcintyre@pa.msu.edu>:
> Legion wrote:
>>3. I didn't play with the delay portion last night but I rmemeber that 
>>the main things I found cool about this. Using the Sweep and Depth in
>>looping mode was kind of dissappointing (I can get warbles any number of
>>ways). Am I missing some secret that makes that ultra cool?
> I was once working with a vocalist who was intoning "Have you been 
> or have you been nice?"
> I caught that in a loop.  With the Sweep set so that it did *not* match 
> with the length of the loop,
> a different word was emphasized each time around.

"What are we gonna DO?"
"What are we GONNA do?"
"What are WE gonna do?"
"What ARE we gonna do?"
"WHAT are we gonna do?"
- paraphrased, from the Firesign Theatre's "Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand 
the Pliers"


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