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Re: Placing a Looper in the Signal Chain... was: Boss DD-20


     As a multi keyboardist, I share your pain...  :)

     Personally, I use the Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro as a complex matrix mixer.  
Submix 1 and 2 are used
as a stereo send, as are Submix 3 and 4.  Likewise, Aux sends 1 and 2, 3 
and 4, 5 and 6.  My
biggest problem is wanting to return them on their own stereo channel 
inputs, which takes up two
faders per return.  Up until recently, I just joined various FX together 
before returning them to
their own channel strips.  Now I'm seriously thinking about sending all my 
sound sources
(keyboards and wind controllers) to a Mackie 3204 (16 stereo inputs) or a 
Samson PL2404 (12 stereo
inputs), dividing them up in groups sending out through stereo aux sends 1 
or 3, mono aux sends 2
or 4, or the mute/alt 3&4 switch.  Then sending the various sends from the 
3204 to the 1604,
routing all my sound modifiers (including loopers) through the 1604.

     Though it sounds quite complex on paper, it actually works pretty 
intuitively for me, allow
me to see at a glance what's being routed where.  This is something that I 
have a difficult time
doing with software mixers.


     Carl wrote:
The first hurdle that I need to overcome is where in my signal chain will 
I put this thing. (Boss
I'm a multi keyboardist so this IS a poser.
My initial impulse was to put it after my line mixer and before my amp. In 
theory that's a fine
idea, except that it means that everything I do is potentially going to 
get recorded in my loop.
Rather than "build" my performances from a loop upward, I want to make 
loops while I'm grooving.
Therefore capturing everything is NOT a good idea.
I could select a single keyboard and put the DD-20 between this board and 
my line mixer. But that
seems really limiting.
Ultimately, I may have to incorporate a submixer before the delay. Then I 
can mute channels that I
don't want to record to the DD-20.

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