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Re: Cooking your delays?

On May 11, 2005, at 1:07, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:

> I like leaving my tape delays, pedals, delay  and looping plugins  
> running for a long time, for instance while I'm having dinner and  
> whatnot. When I return, there's often distorted loveliness waiting  
> for me in the cans.

That's nice. I once did it with two reel to reel tape machines at an  
art gallery. Including a hidden microphone at the entrance. Any sound  
produced by newcomers was recorded and transported for 30 seconds  
along a tape loop to the second tape machine where a loud speaker was  
set up. What I had not planned was that the sounds of that loud  
speaker also got recorded back at the first tape machine, together  
with the ambience of the gallery room. After three hours a ghost-like  
howl started to rise from the thing. The owner of the gallery told me  
he had to run down from his office to turn it off because it "sounded  
terrible and scared visitors of the art exhibition".