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Re: Cooking your delays?

Smells like "I am sitting in an art gallery"...;-)
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From: "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Cooking your delays?

> On May 11, 2005, at 1:07, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> > I like leaving my tape delays, pedals, delay  and looping plugins  
> > running for a long time, for instance while I'm having dinner and  
> > whatnot. When I return, there's often distorted loveliness waiting  
> > for me in the cans.
> That's nice. I once did it with two reel to reel tape machines at an  
> art gallery. Including a hidden microphone at the entrance. Any sound  
> produced by newcomers was recorded and transported for 30 seconds  
> along a tape loop to the second tape machine where a loud speaker was  
> set up. What I had not planned was that the sounds of that loud  
> speaker also got recorded back at the first tape machine, together  
> with the ambience of the gallery room. After three hours a ghost-like  
> howl started to rise from the thing. The owner of the gallery told me  
> he had to run down from his office to turn it off because it "sounded  
> terrible and scared visitors of the art exhibition".
> per