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Re: RiffBox review

>Marc Benigni wrote:
>>As for acting as a sync slave, not entirely sure what you're expectations
>>are.  It doesn't support any time stretching or anything along those 
>>It will start and stop  based on external sequencers or audio triggers to
>>let you loop within the confines of an established tempo, but I haven't
>>really had any cause to test a setup like that yet.
>To support slave sync properly, at minimum you have to be able to derive
>the tempo from incoming MIDI clocks, then when pressing
>the footswitch to start/end the loop, quantize the actual
>start/end to a "beat" as defined by the MIDI clocks.  Beyond
>that, it would be nice to have a "beat multiplier" setting so you
>could quantize the loop boundary to a multiple of a beat,
>such as a 4 beat bar.  With that, then you just leave the sequencer
>running and set up beat quantized loops at any time.

quantize start/end is not continuous sync
Marc is right that the flexible way to maintain sync is with time 
stretching as the Repeater does it. But its regulating behind, even 
oscillating sometimes...
The EDPs slight correction seems to be more acurate - as long as the 
source tempo does not change


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