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record slowing down sound

I used this effect on a remix of the Cocteau Twin's Blue Bell Knoll
to good effect, Luis.

I used an old version of Cool Edit Pro v. 2.0   (now bought out by Adobe 
called Audition, I believe)

In the Effects menu  there are several really cool and idiosyncrative 
algorithms that Cool Edit uses.
I keep my old copy of it installed just for the

under Special

there is


Music  (where you can type in musical values on a staff of music and it 
retune your .wav file in the melody and rhythm that you have determined)

under the Time/Pitch

there is

Stretch   which allows you to do this record starting or stopping effect.

Buy the new improved version from Adobe.  It's worth it
and list member Mark Hamburg will be appreciative.

The Convolution program alone is worth it's weight in gold
because it allows you to create your own Impulse files for convolving 
through it..............one of the great secrets for creating
harmonically consonant but nonetheless idiosyncratic ambient pads for 
tunes................convolve your vocals through your synth lines
and Voila!!!!   You have a very, hip new sound.     Chop it up in Tu2 and 
Voila!  you have a very hip rhythmic bubble for a dance tune.

yours,  Rick