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Re: What is Looping but repetition... Not necessarily

salut, stéphane!
Apparently there is a balance in live between things that repeat and 
things that dont.
observing better:
All things repeat, but each repetition is slightly different.
Many things repeat so slowly that we only meet them once in our livetime.

its all about similarity.
music is held together by the similarity of
what you do right now  with  what
- your brother does
- you just did
- you did a while ago
- any musician ever did

so how similar do two things have to be so we still perceive them as 
the same thing?
there are some acepted standards but we dont like them because we are 
individuals and each one preceives things a bit different... we are 
only similar :-)

what makes the loopers different is not necessarily that they repeat 
more but that they study the subject more profoundly. And the tools 
help to understand why repetition can be nice and necessary or how 
far you can go with it.

so you decide whether you repeat or not
but the other decide whether they want to listen to you or call you a 
looper or invite you for a loop party :-)

Welcome here and send us a link to some sound files eventually, so we 
can vote on whether you repeat or not :-)


>Recycling existing material is not necessarily repeating what was played
>originally. A few things I¹ve tried.....

nice list Jeremy!
but any function will change what you originaly did
so yes, we like variations, some more, some less.
Mute and Reverse are to hard changes for me, but FB allowes me to evolve.

>Using feedback pedal or swell pedal to fade notes into the loop
>Output volume down until your curiosity gets the better of you.
>Dropping straight into reverse after record, feedback at zero
>Play insert, scroll backwards and forwards over section (rec/play)
>Play insert in rhythm with half-speed function (rec/play)
>Play mute button rhythmically (start and continuous)
>The substitute button
>Flip mode
>Processing the sends to loopers
>Processing the returns from the loopers
>Sending dry only or wet only to the loopers
>The off switch
>Pitch shift on Repeater
>³Plate spinning² i.e. Constantly maintaining/remaking a loop.
>Taking time to play before looping a phrase ­ only loop when you need to
>Play ratty little noises, play quietly, leave space, orchestrate
>I¹m sure there¹s more. What I hope to achieve by these techniques is that
>the listener will not recognize the loop as what has just been played ­ 
>a new thing.
>Best wishes
>>  Oh yeah, to loop is to repeat--
>>  Depending on how much presence of mind you have left, variations can be
>>  achieved--but it always involves recycling existing material.
>>  What's your opinion?
>>  Gary


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