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Re: What is Looping but repetition... Not necessarily

Recycling existing material is not necessarily repeating what was played
originally. A few things Iıve tried.....

Using feedback pedal or swell pedal to fade notes into the loop
Output volume down until your curiosity gets the better of you.
Dropping straight into reverse after record, feedback at zero
Play insert, scroll backwards and forwards over section (rec/play)
Play insert in rhythm with half-speed function (rec/play)
Play mute button rhythmically (start and continuous)
The substitute button
Flip mode
Processing the sends to loopers
Processing the returns from the loopers
Sending dry only or wet only to the loopers
The off switch
Pitch shift on Repeater
³Plate spinning² i.e. Constantly maintaining/remaking a loop.
Taking time to play before looping a phrase ­ only loop when you need to
Play ratty little noises, play quietly, leave space, orchestrate

Iım sure thereıs more. What I hope to achieve by these techniques is that
the listener will not recognize the loop as what has just been played ­ 
a new thing. 

Best wishes



> Oh yeah, to loop is to repeat--
> Depending on how much presence of mind you have left, variations can be
> achieved--but it always involves recycling existing material.
> What's your opinion?
> Gary