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Mac OS X 10.4 goodies - AU Lab and AULooper

I am not really qualified to write in-depth reviews on
this type of thing, but since I had upgraded to
version 10.4 (Tiger), I just thought I'd throw this
out there.

I installed the Xcode tools, which also included both
AU Lab and AULooper.  AU Lab is a program similar to
Rax, which serves as a host for Audio Units.  Very
cool.  Easy to use and set up, and it's free with the
OS upgrade, so you can't beat the price.  

But the big gun was of course AULooper.  After a brief
deer-in-headlights look on my face when I first
started it up, I started poking around and was quickly
comfortable with it.  It's midi-assignable, and
supports 4 simultaneous loops.  These loops don't have
to be the same length.  You can arbitrarily assign new
start points for each independent loop, or globally
for all loops.  You can change pitch and speed
independently of each other.  You can sync the midi
clock to internal or the host application.  All in
all, there is a lot of power in there.

If you have Tiger, install the Xcode tools included on
the installer DVD.  Afterwards, AU Lab is located at
Developer / Applications / Audio.  AULooper is located
at Developer / Extras / CoreAudio /  AudioUnits /


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