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Re: Mac OS X 10.4 goodies - AU Lab and AULooper

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From: "mike feeney" <feeneymike@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 9:30 PM
Subject: Mac OS X 10.4 goodies - AU Lab and AULooper

> I am not really qualified to write in-depth reviews on
> this type of thing, but since I had upgraded to
> version 10.4 (Tiger), I just thought I'd throw this
> out there.
> I installed the Xcode tools, which also included both
> AU Lab and AULooper.  AU Lab is a program similar to
> Rax, which serves as a host for Audio Units.  Very
> cool.  Easy to use and set up, and it's free with the
> OS upgrade, so you can't beat the price.  
> But the big gun was of course AULooper.  After a brief
> deer-in-headlights look on my face when I first
> started it up, I started poking around and was quickly
> comfortable with it.  It's midi-assignable, and
> supports 4 simultaneous loops.  These loops don't have
> to be the same length.  You can arbitrarily assign new
> start points for each independent loop, or globally
> for all loops.  You can change pitch and speed
> independently of each other.  You can sync the midi
> clock to internal or the host application.  All in
> all, there is a lot of power in there.
> If you have Tiger, install the Xcode tools included on
> the installer DVD.  Afterwards, AU Lab is located at
> Developer / Applications / Audio.  AULooper is located
> at Developer / Extras / CoreAudio /  AudioUnits /
> AULooper.
> Later,
> Mike
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