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Re: RF's Birthday

The Frippster is blowing into my home town - Huntington, New York (on Lawn
Guyland) on Father's Day Eve, June 18, at the IMAC theatre. My wonderful
wife has gotten us tickets. He's also going to be at the Stephen Talkhouse
in Amagansett around the same time. Any loopers on LI planning on either of
these shows?
Any loopers on LI?

Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic
hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. 
also a negative side."
--- Hunter S. Thompson

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> As I was reading Robert Fripp's Diary earlier today, I realized (from his
> blast from the past) that today is Robert's 59th birthday.
> Happy Birthday Robert. :)
> And, apparently he's finalizing plans for his "I'm not touring ever 
> well, maybe just a few dates" tour. :)
> Tony