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Re: Tiger dev tools FUD

> my Tiger DVD came with Xcode Tools but Tiger Developer Kit is something
> you have to buy extra and you must be an Apple Developer Connection 
> member
> to purchase it :(

Let's clear up this confusion.

Every copy of Mac OS X has always come with the full set of developer 
tools and documentation. Same with Tiger.

The "Tiger Development Kit" is now obsolete. It was nothing more than 
advance, beta copies of OS X 10.4 (including the developer tools, as 

Tiger itself is shipping now, and has everything you need to write OS X 

>> and you must be an Apple Developer Connection member
>> to purchase it :(

Joining ADC is free.

For $500 more, you can get
Tiger, w/de tools  (exact same thing you'd buy at Amazon for $95)
12 monthly documentation updates on DVD, which you don't need because 
the same stuff is free on the Apple website
12 months access to beta versions of 10.4.1 (oops, it's already out, 
for free), 10.4.2, 10.4.3, etc.
a download of a copy of Tiger Server for development use
a discount on 1 hardware purchase; the discount will be mostly eaten up 
by the sales tax Apple must charge, so no big savings
to submit up to two questions to Apple engineers if you need help (for 
99% of questions, the free Apple discussion lists will give
   you the same answers, and in many cases, access to the same people at 
no cost)
Some other stuff you will likely never use, like the right to travel to 
CA at your expense and run your software in Apple's
   compatibility lab.

Summary: the only thing anyone needs to write OS X software is a copy 
of Mac OS X (with its included developer tools CD) and an occasional 
internet connection.