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RE: EDP outside the US?


Yes, I've had the bank-breaking experience of buying two EDPs from a UK 

The list price was something like (wait for it) $1,600 EACH ! (i.e. about 
900 GBP), although I
managed to get mine for the (ahem) 'knockdown' price of about $1,350. Yes, 
I realise this is
double the price charged in the US, but I really needed these things and I 
calculated that the
customs and shipping charges if I'd ordered these things direct from the 
US would have been almost
as great, plus no customer support if they break. 

This ridiculous expense was made all the more frustrating when, whilst 
waiting for the order to
arrive I noticed in the manual download that these units have 'made in the 
UK' stamped on the back

Does this mean EDPs are manufactured in the UK, then exported, then 
re-imported ??! No wonder
they're expensive ! I bet they only cost about $300 to make. The world's 
gone crazy !

Anyway, despite the expense I can now make lovely stereo loops, which are 
well worth every penny
of the ridiculous price tag.

Hoo-ray for Matthias Grob, Kim Flint, etc !

Guy Joyce
aka XISTH (nothing to do with Star Wars BTW)

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