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[LD CD 3] slots open

Hi LD,

We are fixing contributors for LD CD Vol.3 now and  I sorted it on 15th 

Then 2 slot is open now.

If someone interest for join us, please mail  me by off list.

Basic plan is below (it little changed from when I post it on 25th 
April to LD):

1 CD, 17 - 19 artists.
Song length is about 4min maximum per each.
CD pressing is 1000 pieces total.
CD cover is 4pages booklet.
Any music style is OK, but it restricts to LD list subscribers only.
Song deadline is 31st July 2005.

About cost,
Participating artists pay US$125 per each. (Paypal or international 
money order)
and 30 CDs is free for participating artists.
(I will send 30 CDs via air mail (parcel post), $125 is includes 
shipping cost for world wide.and if I am in a budget, I will want to 
send further much CDs.)
If artists needs more CDs, I can sell it by $5 per each(not includes 
shipping cost).


I  got long interview from one of the biggest webzine, "All About"
(Written by Japanese. sorry.)

I will play live gig with Rick Walker  in this evening in Kobe,Japan!

  Sunao Inami