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RE: surround looping/flanging

Title: RE: surround looping/flanging

>>> they would both be running on external midi clock, coming from a korg electribe.

I'm wondering if MIDI sync is accurate enough.  What's unusual about
this application is that the sync'd loopers contain different levels
of the same signal rather than the more common case of containing
different signals.  So, unless you have close to sample-level sync you
may hear subtle artifacts similar to flanging.  This will be affected
to some degree by MIDI latency, how well the Repeaters deal with MIDI
clock jitter and how often the time stretch kicks in to compensate for drift.<<

jeff, you're right of course. I have no idea how accurately either of my repeaters will upconvert the snail's-pace midi clock to drive it's own master clock, & there's bound to be a discrepancy, possibly even a floating one. I guess I could get some idea by running the one repeater I have in london against a sampler....

how this will compare (in mS) with the time difference amongst the speakers is the interesting bit- if they run closely enough to sync, then I'd expect to hear the repeater-drift contributing "positional information" of it's own. like when you have two tape decks playing copies of the same thing.... this is how flanging was invented.... & if two versions of the same signal end up being mixed (as they surely would in a system like this) then proper real gut-wrenching flanging would be heard.

it'd be worth rigging two PA systems just to stand in the middle of that with some guitar & moog loops.

I love that sound, & often recreate it using either tape-decks or sf/sony-vegas, my pc-based editor of choice.

(copy & paste-as-new-track the chunk of audio you're interested in, then use the mix/pan envelopes to introduce it into your mix. then right-click on it & adjust the *duration* of the copy by tiny amounts. it's useful to locate a point part way into the copy & the same point in the source file that you can use as a reference. then you can decide where the flanging "peaks" by advancing or retarding the position of the copy relative to the master track. also, if you pan the original & the copy left & right, you'll get sea-sick..... )

or I could just hack the repeaters open & run them both off the master crystal in one of them. but having the sync be a bit vague seems more interesting.



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