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Re: Jack 0.61 not working under TIGER

Title: Re: Jack 0.61 not working under TIGER
Hi Everyone,

If anyone is using JACK 0.61 and contemplating upgrading to OSX 10.4 (TIGER) they will need to know that JACK is not compatible with TIGER yet.

I've copied the message from the JACK messageboard below.

Best wishes



From: Stéphane Letz <letz@...>
Date: Tue May 17, 2005  10:22 am
Subject: Re: [jackosx] OSX 10.4.0 Tiger with Jack     sletz2004
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Le 17 mai 05, à 11:17, j a écrit :

> Being of a cautious disposition when it comes to computer operating
> sytems,
> I'd like to check that JACK 0.61 will be compatible before I upgrade
> to 10.4 
> which I'm planning to do by default when I get a new computer later
> in the
> summer.
> I'm using SooperLooper so need Jack as host.
> Best wishes
> Jeremy

Jack 0.61 does *not* run on Tiger. I'm working on it....