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Re: OT: ASCAP/BMI and music licensing

Truth to tell -- I received a fairly polite letter from ASCAP I think
about a band's site that I host that has their music on it.

I sent an equally polite reply back thanking them for their enquiry
<evil grin> and telling them that all the material was completely
original to the band.

I got a very polite reply thanking me for my time.

Very civilized really.  Just my one xperience, however.

On 5/20/05, Travis Hartnett <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> I received an email from the booking agent at a local coffeeshop which
> now requires all performers to play 100% original music.  Now, to me
> this is a good thing, but the overall effect is chilling:
>   http://www.rakemag.com/printable.asp?catID=46&itemID=9106&pg=all


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