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Re:Surround Sound

At 19:14 20/05/05, you wrote:
>>The 0.1 in 5.1 is for one tenth of >the  frequency range ....20,000/10 = 
>>2000Hz , which makes it a >regular "woofer".
>Who originally wrote this?  It is completely WRONG!

:-) it was me
the figure 2000Hz is so obviously wrong it that it was just
waiting to be corrected.
The idea that the .1 stands for a portion of the frequency range is not my
own invention, probably originating from Studio Sound magazine.
(in terms of octaves, it's about right)

>The ".1," which was a terminology originally coined by Tomlinson Holman 
>during his Lucasfilm THX period, has nothing to do with frequency ratios 
>or any other sort of calculationl.

andy butler