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RE: OT: ASCAP/BMI and music licensing

I had been playing with my band for about four years
as a songwriter without receiving a penny playing
originals , and many times i was required to fill out
the GEMA (ASCAP) songlist.i called them once to find
out what was going on and since then ive been
receiving very nice checks,dont be afraid to call

--- hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:
> I am not eligible for ASCAP healthcare, and I do
> understand the need for
> performers to perform. I have no problem with
> performers playing for free,
> or getting paid- it has to do with the agreement
> between the venue and the
> artist- they may have their reasons for whatever
> they decide. 
> Cafes here in the Tampa area certainly use live
> music as a way to keep their
> business going on the weekends- if you shut the
> music off, and take the art
> off of the walls, certainly business would suffer. I
> don't think the
> argument is about playing for free- the café would
> have to pay these
> organizations for playing CDs- even local ones who
> happen to be affiliated
> with the performing rights organizations. Even if a
> TV was on, they have to
> pay a different organization. If you own a business,
> it just seems this is
> the cost of doing business. 
> As a professional musician, ASCAP has helped me-
> even if it is a pain to
> business owners. No, I don't think ASCAP is entirely
> fair, and personally, I
> am distrustful of big organizations. 
> As a looping artist, it is even harder to find gigs,
> and many places are
> small mom & pop shops. I don't mind playing for free
> there, but if they do
> use music to keep people spending money in their
> business, I don't mind if
> they have to pay ASCAP.
> Dave Eichenberger-
> http://www.hazardfactor.com
> > 
> > Yeah, but as you resent the cafe owner collecting
> money at 
> > the end of a night and driving home in his Merc,
> there are 
> > plenty of coffeehouse musicians who aren't
> eligible for ASCAP 
> > health care who aren't going to be moved by your
> dental care 
> > windfall at the expense of their monthly gig.
> > 
> > The reason to play places that don't pay you is
> that the need 
> > to play music is great, the number of musicians
> willing to 
> > play for no direct monetary compensation is large,
> and the 
> > number of paying places is small.  I mean, they
> don't pay the 
> > painters who hang their art on the wall for a
> month either, 
> > but artists need exposure, whereas cafes don't
> really need 
> > local art and music.
> >  


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