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RE: Boomerang and Visual Sound 1Spot incompatibility

Below is a list of the experiments I've done and the results.  These have been shared with the Boomerang folks as well as Visual Sound. (The Visual Sound folks seem much more motivated to get the 1Spot to play with the Rang than vice-versa)

Rang+OneSpot+Boss PSA series=Noise

Rang+Boss PSA series=Acceptably Clean

OneSpot+Boss PSA series=Very Clean


Rang=Acceptably to Very Clean

OneSpot=Very Clean

Boss PSA Series=Very clean


Boss PSA Series=Any pedal powered by this DC adapter;

OneSpot=Any pedal powered by a OneSpot/switching power supply;

Rang=Boomerang AC system

Hope this helps!





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Subject: Boomerang and Visual Sound 1Spot incompatibility

The kind folks at Visual Sound just told me that you can't use a 'rang and a 1Spot on the same power source without getting an unacceptable 60 cycle hum.

Any thoughts on whether this is a common issue with the Boomerang and 9V pedal power supply units or is it limited to the 1Spot?