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Re: echoplex problem

The pots on the older units could have a very loose feel.  In regards
to the other issue, try the classic reseat the memory (with the power
off) or pulling SIMMS individually to see if you've got loose or bad

On 5/25/05, Matthew W. Prull <prullmw@whitman.edu> wrote:
> Anyone know if this a fixable problem on an older Oberheim EDP?  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> Problem: Sound passes through, 3 pots are very loose, they do work, they
> do control volume and mix.  When turned on, the word loop and a number 33
> continuously moves across the screen and does not stop scrolling. It will
> not record a sample, parameter and function buttons do not work and
> neither do the lights under them.
> Matt