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mp3s for you.

Hello all,  I just wanted to share some selection from music I have
been making as of late. I used to post on Looper's Delight in the past
but, went away from it for awhile.  Most of the magicicada tracks were
done live, some in the studio, some in warehoues, etc... with minimal
editing. Farfisa, melodica, voice, dl4s, repeaters, (((endless
delays))) tea cups, geetar, cassette decks for the blind, marbles,
field recordings and all kinds of other stuff was used in the building
of these songs.
I hope you like 'em.
I am only going have them up for a short while.




http://www.magicicada.com/secrethistory1.mp3 <<with Destructo Swarmbots


>>and my version of pop with the amazing Trulee Grace Hall:<<