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Re: mp3s for you.

thank you c.! your music touched me...
you should come & play here in sweden

Stéphane Obadia

> Hello all,  I just wanted to share some selection from music I have
> been making as of late. I used to post on Looper's Delight in the past
> but, went away from it for awhile.  Most of the magicicada tracks were
> done live, some in the studio, some in warehoues, etc... with minimal
> editing. Farfisa, melodica, voice, dl4s, repeaters, (((endless
> delays))) tea cups, geetar, cassette decks for the blind, marbles,
> field recordings and all kinds of other stuff was used in the building
> of these songs.
> I hope you like 'em.
> I am only going have them up for a short while.
> thanks!
> c.
> http://www.magicicada.com/magicicada-Demand-My-Fucking-Cloud.mp3
> http://www.magicicada.com/flesh-is-final.mp3
> http://www.magicicada.com/secrethistory1.mp3 <<with Destructo Swarmbots
> http://www.magicicada.com/magicicada-peach-is-pink.mp3
>>>and my version of pop with the amazing Trulee Grace Hall:<<
> http://www.magicicada.com/wellbelow3.mp3
> http://www.magicicada.com/truleegrace.mp3