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question for Kim

Dear Kim,

I have noticed that frequently when I post to Loopers Delight that my 
subject head is abbreviated when the digest is published,
many times in ways that to my way of thinking obscure the content of my 
message to the community.

I complete understand the need to shorten subject lines and I have a 
tendency to be a little verbose
but in the latest example.

I posted this subject

"Japan Loop Tour Diary #1"        A subject that I surmised would be of 
interest to at least some of the daily digest readers.

It's subject line was truncated in the daily digest to merely


 a truncation which, I would think,  is pretty misleading as to the actual 
contents of the letter.

Again............truncation may have been efficacious except for the fact 
that twice in the very same digest
there was another letter whose subject read:

"......from the "Pearl" to my personal pearl........"

This is obviously quite a bit longer than   "Japan Loop Tour Diary"

I don't want to be paranoid but I wonder if I am being censored or not.
I wonder if,  as an example, when this particular message hits the daily 
digest it's subject line  will read merely  "question".

Am I being too sensitive?

yours, respectfully,  Rick Walker