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Re: question for Kim

At 05:14 AM 5/27/2005, loop.pool wrote:
>I have noticed that frequently when I post to Loopers Delight that my 
>subject head is abbreviated when the digest is published,
>many times in ways that to my way of thinking obscure the content of my 
>message to the community.

>I don't want to be paranoid but I wonder if I am being censored or not.
>I wonder if,  as an example, when this particular message hits the daily 
>digest it's subject line  will read merely  "question".


a. The subjects of your posts are not truncated in the digest. If they 
that way for you it is a problem on your end. The digests are going out 
with all posts intact and unedited, and they look fine on all my computers 
when they arrive here.

b. The digests are assembled and mailed automatically by a computer. 
Untouched by humans. To my knowledge, this computer has no opinions or 
about you or anyone else. I'm quite certain that it does not care about 
what you have to say.

c. Therefore, in regards to your question of whether you are being 
or not, the answer appears to be "yes".

d. Looper's Delight has always operated under principles of freedom of 
expression and individual responsibility. That is why the community is so 
strong. There is no authority available to censor anybody else, nor is 
there any need for it. The community manages and regulates itself just 
fine. (a reasonable example of a functional anarchy, in fact.)

e. and jeez, I've barely had time to read the list in a year, let alone 
post. Do you honestly think I'm sitting here every day editing together 
digests and concerning myself with the length of your subject line?!?


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