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Re:Vortex Help Needed!

At 02:38 28/05/05, you wrote:
>Gurus of the Vortex:
>I recently bought one used, and after much reading and trying my hand at 
>some patch creation, I think I may have a defective one.
>It seems that the "Value" knob will not make the rounds from "1 to 64", 
>but instead does this: If the value that is there
>(from how the unit was given to me) is, say "64", then turning the 
>knob only flips between "63" and "64".
>And if the value is, say "10", then turning the "Value" knob only flips 
>between "10" and "9". I hope I am being clear about this.

That control works using a component called a 4-bit absolute rotary 
Your's needs replacing.

Lexicon say
 >We no longer have these parts here at the factory.  The service manual 
lists them as follows:

i'm trying to get hold of some of those devices,
...no luck yet

Can anyone help??

>That being said, all the patches that are Presets, sound normal, but I 
>wish to use this piece of gear as it was meant to be used, as a morphing 
>tool, etc.

You still can, if you use an expression pedal (except for echo %, those 
will still stick)

select the param you want to change,
press tap,
set value with pedal,
wiggle the value knob
press tap again

>I assume that Vortex will still service this unit?

neither will Lexicon

andy butler
lexicon vortex info at www.andybutler.com