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Re: Vortex Help Needed!

hi ed. i own a vortex, and mine operates the same way. if I just use the VALUE knob, i adjust the VALUE by pressing the value button, and then move the knob from 64 to 63. i then have to wait for the value light to go off.
following this, i press the VALUE button again, and then i adjust the value from 63 to 62. you have to repeat this whenever you want to change the VALUE lower and lower, or higher and higher.
i don't know if the one i own is defective (i bought mine used), but i solved the issue by using a Roland EV-5 to adjust the VALUE by footpedal. the EV-5 sweeps through the values from 1-64 continously (not point by point, in other words). i think one of the Boss FV-50 pedals can be used as a controller to do the same thing (can't remember if it's the 50 L or 50 H though). hope that helps--rob

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