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Re:Re: Fill my rack!

>Most modern hardware is
>either digital emulations of the past (some very good)
>or rehashes of the same basic effects we've had since
>the 80s.
>That's both exciting and sad.  Have we done everything
>that can be done sonically?

  (well I don't think so anyway)

The 2 hardware items that my music depends on don't have
software eqivalents yet.
The Loop 4 EDP is only partially copied.
The Lex Vortex does stuff that isn't even attempted by any software.

..and apart from that, the sound isn't just produced by the effect,
it's produced by the musician  using the effect.
The sonic result of someone playing their usual stuff, and then
putting it through a flanger is fairly predictable.
...but the sound of someone using a flanger,
then varying their technique and playing based on the sound
that comes out is going to be more individual.

I get asked by guitarists "is that sound a guitar" even though I'm
only using effect types that have been around since the 70's.

oh.. and my recommendation for the empty rack space is...