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Re: HTML and other stuff

Yeow! Poor Michael's HTML dilemma caused me to check my own settings, and I've been sending in HTML myself all these e-years! But I've never experienced a problem...! This is being sent in non-HTML, plain text format. Anyone notice a change? A little more straightforward, perhaps?
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Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 7:49 PM
Subject: HTML and other stuff

spent a good deal of time today trying to figure out how to unhtml my mail program.....pushed and pulled every button in here.....downloaded a new AOL OSX updated program.....is the html curse gone?.....is my broadcast PURE?.....please tell me it is, i feel like such a clone.....WOW RICK!.....sounds like a wonderful time was had in JAPAN.....i'm dripping with envy.....i'm diggin the cross-over direction into the goth/vocal/?.....CW.....i loved your MP-3s, is there a cd in the offing?.....am i clean yet?.....mic