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Re: gear stolen in Las Vegas

This isn't the first time gear was stolen from a band working at the Hard 
Rock in LV.

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Subject: OT: gear stolen in Las Vegas

> Forwarding this from the Mermen list - if you're near Las Vegas please 
> watch for this UHaul trailer.
> Mermen's Gear Stolen in Las Vegas! HELP!!
> The Mermen suffered a disasterous tragedy last night (5/26/05) in Las 
> Vegas after their
> show at the Hard Rock Cafe. The UHaul trailer that they had all of their 
> gear stored in was
> stolen from the oversize parking lot at The Flamingo Hotel/Casino. The 
> lost all of their
> amps, Jim's guitars, Jennifer's bass, Martyn's drums, cables, Jaime's 
> video projection
> equipment. They are all devastated, and need help getting their gear 
> $$$ They are willing to pay a reward for the return of their gear.
> The UHaul trailer that was stolen had a Chicago travel ad on the side, 
> the license plate
> # is: Arkansas PT103498. The UHaul number is : AU34671C.