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Re: gear stolen in Las Vegas

On 5/28/05, Edwin Hurwitz <edwin@indra.com> wrote:
> This is true, but what do you do? Load in everything into a hotel
> room? 

That's one solution, which I have personally employed with great
success.  Always get a ground level room, carry everything in.  Yes,
it's a pain in the ass, but there's already a great deal of
pain-in-the-ass involved in being a musician, so might as well get
used to it.

> Sleep in the trailer? 

I've known people who do that also.  Personally, I'm not going to
sleep in a trailer or van, and I'm not going to make a bandmate do it
for me, so if it was my band I'd tell everyone to carry their gear
into the room.

> For everyone out on the road, get your
> stuff insured and if you bring something unreplaceable, don't let it
> out of your sight! 

Yes, get everything insured, but if you get stuff stolen on the road,
insurance won't help you out of the immediate jam.

> Edwin