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Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!

3 words...Total Sonic Annihilator. It lets you get new sounds from stuff
you already own by creating feedback loops. My pal Greg from Magonia has
been using his for a couple of years now and gets remarkable oscillations
that can be manipulated with the guitar's tone, volume, and pickup 
When I can afford to buy more stuff, I may just grab one. 
Electro-Joy Unto You,
Tim M

> [Original Message]
> From: David Kirkdorffer <vze2ncsr@verizon.net>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 5/28/2005 1:35:00 PM
> Subject: Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!
> Per -   You're definitely onto something with your "controller interface"
> response.  Which probably explains why computers are so compelling a tool
> for those who use them to modify their sounds.  Yet the interface of the
> computer -- and the KAOSS Pad -- is just two dimensional.  So, imagine if
> the interface can become three-dimensional?
> Luca -  I think Luca's point about "building a complex algorithm that can
> easily modified by a performer on the fly without drop-outs and during
> performance" (my words) is the "other-side" of the same argument -- again
> it's about the interface.  Luca wants a fast, and easily manipulated
> interface so he can keep his mind on the playing.
> Jeff -   Your point about "synchronized effects" in a way also speaks
> the simple and fast to manipulate interface argument - this time
> manipulating more than one effect at a time.
> But as Luca points out, the "mathematical calculations" -- however we
> interface with them -- are where the altered sounds come from.  Travis
> reminds us, linking or chaining effects in more complex ways doesn't
> sound good.   And yet, one man's trash is another man's treasure: how 
> people passed up using the clicks, glitches and scratch sounds before 
> were so powerfully deployed in various kinds of contemporary electronic
> rock?
> I remember reading something Eno said -- I'm paraphrasing: "If it sounds
> like it's being abused, it becomes rock."  So, as I play "unguitar" I
> if really what I'm searching for is a way to abuse the effects I already
> in new ways that I can control easily and that does not damage them -- 
> towards building sounds that I employ to build music I like.
> Based on what I've experienced with my volume knob and a Fuzz Factory, it
> seems that adding ZVEX tone Fuzz Probe is an important thing for me to
> Unique, three-dimensional interface -- check
> Simple to manipulate while I play -- check
> Sounds abusive -- check
> :-)
> Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
> David Kirkdorffer