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Re: Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!

"Did you ever see the Z-Vex Drip guitars? They had a Z-Vex Wah Probe built 
into the guitar under the pickguard."

Back around 2000, my friend Mark Sullivan didn't wanna wait for such a
guitar, and he just velcroed his fuzz probe to his guitar. Not a
graceful-looking solution, but it worked  ;-) 


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> From: <burnett@pobox.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 5/28/2005 2:03:43 PM
> Subject: Re: Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!
> On Sat, 28 May 2005, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> > Per -   You're definitely onto something with your "controller
> > response.  Which probably explains why computers are so compelling a
> > for those who use them to modify their sounds.  Yet the interface of 
> > computer -- and the KAOSS Pad -- is just two dimensional.  So, imagine
> > the interface can become three-dimensional?
> Like the pressure-sensitive touchpad used in the center of the Moog 
> Voyager synth? Yeah :). 
> > I remember reading something Eno said -- I'm paraphrasing: "If it 
> > like it's being abused, it becomes rock."  So, as I play "unguitar" I
> > if really what I'm searching for is a way to abuse the effects I
already own
> > in new ways that I can control easily and that does not damage them --
> > towards building sounds that I employ to build music I like.
> > 
> > Based on what I've experienced with my volume knob and a Fuzz Factory,
> > seems that adding ZVEX tone Fuzz Probe is an important thing for me to
> > 
> > Unique, three-dimensional interface -- check
> > Simple to manipulate while I play -- check
> > Sounds abusive -- check
> I have a Z-Vex Trem Probe (the volume control): it's great. I've worked 
> with a Fuzz Probe a bit, and I can recommend it. I want to point out 
> the theremin-like control plate on the Z-Vex Probe series is controlling
> single parameter, regardless of from what angle you approach it. Int he 
> case of the Trem Probe, it's the volume. In the case of the Fuzz Probe, 
> the theremin plate controls the Stability value of the built-in Fuzz 
> Factory. Don't get me wrong, it's great. 
> Did you ever see the Z-Vex Drip guitars? They had a Z-Vex Wah Probe 
> into the guitar under the pickguard. 
> http://zvex.com/guitars/
> best,
> Steve B
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