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Re: In search of a NEW effect --- was: Fill my rack!

I think one of David Torn's Koll guitars is like that.
I'm not sure of the details, so I won't attempt
anything more than a vague description, but if I
remember correctly it's got a patina-ed copper
pickguard which acts as a a tactile interface to
control a circuit (a modded zvex, perhaps?) that's
either thereminish or KAOSesque.


--- mark sottilaro <marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net>
> Good point, and that is why I LOVE my AirFX and
> pads.  However, to use either while playing
> guitar...
> is difficult.  Wouldn't it be nice if such a device
> was built into a guitar and available as some sort
> of
> joystick or xy pad mounted right on the instrument? 
> I
> had dreams of mounting a KAOSS pad like this, but
> it's
> far too big.

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