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Re: Drummachine?

i think the electribe is a great toy - the gameboy of the musician.
unfortunately there is no way to sample live with it. also i find the
groove/quantize fonctions disturbing: not possible to turn them off.

but very intuitive!


> I think I will try that Electribe.  So many swear by
> it, and as it is a sampler it won't duplicate anything
> in my studio.  I tried an SP-303 a while ago and
> didn't like it... I wanted to be able to manipulate
> the sample as one would do with a vinyl record... so I
> use a Numark CDX now (great piece of kit)
> but I digress...
> Mostly I want something that's intuitive to work with.
>  When I had my Roland MC-307 I was really prolific in
> the beat dept.  Upon getting an E-MU Planetearth
> module, I was in love with the sound (thanks Mark
> Hamburg!) so I ditched the 307 for the E-MU XL-7.
> Don't get me wrong, in some ways the XL-7 is brilliant
> and I'd recommend it.  It's cheap and VERY powerful
> with tons of expansion capability. (It now houses the
> ROM from my Planetearth) but in some ways it's very
> frustraiting... especially when dealing with it's
> effects section.  It reminds me a tiny bit of my first
> sequencer, a retarded device made by Brother.  It did
> a lot, but was so badly designed it was almost
> impossible to do anything with it.  I hate when gear
> is trying to be all things to all people and while
> you're making be one thing to you, you feel like you
> are fighting it.  In the end I'll trade off some sound
> quality and features for something intuitive any day.
> I think that's why I love the Repeater as well.  I've
> owned EDPs and never liked them.  The interface never
> really inspired me.
> Mark
> --- John Wayne <holzkoppwayne@web.de> wrote:
>> Mark,
>> I own a Korg Electribe S MKII and love it! Really
>> easy to learn and use,
>> small in size, good fx and smart media slot. (you
>> can even copy .wav
>> files directly onto the card and load them into the
>> Electribe)
>> Best to use it as drum sampler because the memory is
>> about 3 MB only.
>> For sequencing I use the Yamaha RM1x which is cheap
>> (about 300 EUR) but
>> a bit more complicated. Additionally it has a
>> synthesizer with effect
>> unit onboard. No killer sounds but you'll always
>> find something
>> interesting.
>> The Yamaha RS-7000 is the follow-up to the RM1x and
>> has increased memory
>> and a sampler onboard. (price about 800 EUR).
>> Scherer
>> mark sottilaro wrote:
>> >Hey
>> >
>> >I find my E-MU XL-7 kind of cumbesome to work with,
>> >although I do love a lot of it's flexibility and
>> >soundset (it takes all the proteus cards).  I find
>> >myself using it more as a soundbank for Digital
>> >Performer than for it's sequencing.
>> >
>> >I'm hoping to find something that's more user
>> friendly
>> >and fun to work with.  I like gear that's QUICK to
>> >learn yet deep and good sounding.  What are people
>> >using with success?  On my list are the Korg
>> Electribe
>> >EX (the ROM or the sampler, not sure which one but
>> I'm
>> >leaning toward the sampler) or a used Roland
>> MC-505.
>> >(I miss my 307!)
>> >
>> >I'd love to hear  your thoughts.  My Repeater's
>> >sync awaits your messages...
>> >
>> >Mark
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >