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The PiNG presents John Kameel Farah and Pholde

THE AMBiENT PiNG   http://www.theambientping.com
Wednesdays @ HACiENDA - 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor
(directly across from the Bathurst subway station) - Toronto
Doors open at 9pm - 1st set at 9:30 - PayWhatYouCan

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This Wednesday June 15th - John Kameel Farah and Pholde

Pholde (Allan Bloor aka Knurl) makes music through reverberations of metal.
Circular saw blades, car springs, iron meshing and fan blades are bowed
with hand files, smooth and threaded metal rods, angle iron and blocks
of steel to produce a raw, intriguing underwater soundscape, at times
chaotic. Rumbling cathederals of irregular harmonics, thudding forms
and rolling thunders induce deep connections to the high spheres
of acoustic cosmos.  http://www.pholde.com

Composer-pianist and visual artist John Kameel Farah merges the
soundworlds of baroque counterpoint, improvisation, ambient minimalism
and techno (IDM) to create a music that crosses time, history,
culture and dimension. His visual art as well as his music focus
on exchanges of physical, spiritual and emotional energy on both
a macro-cosmic and microscopic level.  http://www.johnfarah.com

Between Sets CD - "Between Here & There" by Brian Parnham
This new (2005) release of rich soundscapes was created for a DVD
exploring western ghost towns, deserts and canyons and will surely
appeal to fans of Steve Roach. http://www.floatingpointrecords.com

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Coming TUESDAY June 21st - The Ministry Of Inside Things
MoIT: http://members.bellatlantic.net/~chuckv/pr2.html

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||: IN THE LOOP :||  by Luna Tek

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 saw PiNG regulars Sylken (Eric Hopper),
Anomolous Disturbances (Terry O'Brian) and URM (Jamie Todd) return
for an evening of pure melodic ambience.
Tracing their lineage back through Brian Eno's definitive ambient
recordings, the trio presented a concert that was definitely worth your
full attention but also easy to get lost in. Ranging from spacey synth
stylings to elegant guitar work, the concert was distinguished by the
merging of three distinct musical visions into a satisfying whole.

Underpinning the artists' soundscapes were General Chaos' visuals.
This time, richly coloured textures (with fishbone-esque overlay!)
echoed the molten energy of the Sylken/Anomolous Disturbances/URM
convergence. Their lazy swirls and burbling images were the perfect
ambient compliment to Jamie's laptop minimalism, Terry's tasteful
guitar treatments and Eric's musicality.

More information available at:
http://sylken.ca   http://www.anomalousdisturbances.com
http://www.urm.ca  http://www.generalchaosvisuals.com

*** Submissions for the forthcoming i POP PiNG magazine are trickling in
    . keep 'em coming by e-mailing luna@theambientping.com.

Luna Tek  -  luna@theambientping.com

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rik maclean's *ping things* CD Reviews

* In anticipation of Akumu's CD release party on June 17th at the
Drake Hotel in Toronto, this week we offer you a pre-release review
of "Magmas" which will be available at ping things beginning June 21st.

Deane Hughes of Akumu has a particular talent for manipulating sound
sources into fascinating and new shapes and forms. His release from
Last year, "Fluxes", was a complex exploration of field recordings
made during a trip to South America which were manipulated and woven
into an intricate tapestry of abstract sound. With the release of his
latest disc "Magmas", Deane continues to explore the sonic riches from
his travels, but takes a more pulse/beat driven approach rather than
the free form nature of "Fluxes". With it's use of percussive and
drone elements, "Magmas" presents itself as a travelogue of new
environments, an unbroken flow of sound and fluidity suggesting both
alien landscapes and more familiar terrain. Tracks slowly bleed into
each other, a constant parade of images and soundscapes that shift
naturally from one into another in a slow but steady stream.

A brief vocal track, "Maximon", opens the disc, leading into "Evolute" 
featuring a wave pattern that sweeps in and out interspersed with a 
simultaneously hypnotic and beautiful metallic noise pattern. 
"Come for Festival?" shifts the tone subtly, adding a more percussive
element to the sounds of metal that play throughout. As the song
progresses tones become more frenetic in nature, eventually reaching
a fever pitch of scraping and whirring before returning to a sense
of calm. "Imitated" follows using a shifting rhythm overtop an
oscillating drone, gradually building in complexity and intensity.
"Aguanatural" employs fluid sources as a backdrop for a mesmerizing
repeated percussive pattern, an overall effect that brings to mind
the work of musique concrete artiste Aube given his preoccupation
with water and its charms. "Alarma" is a hypnotic and beautiful
piece using a siren-like oscillation underneath an almost playful 
percussive undercurrent.  "Landscape XIX" has a windtunnel quality
to it, a struggling almost choked percussive pattern that works in
contrast to the steady pulse of the underlying drone. This pulse
eventually gives way to "Arrythmica" which has a certain manic
energy to its percussive elements ultimately leading the listener
to the cool chill of "And other isms", which closes the disc with
a pulsing wave pattern.

Without doubt "Magmas" is a release which firmly establishes Deane
as a master of the shaping and creation of sonic environments.
It's an engaging and thoughtful release which solidifies Akumu's
position as a truly innovative project and Deane's standing as a
distinct and important artist in the experimental genre.
Highly recommended.

rik maclean - rik@pingthings.com

http://www.pingthings.com = ambient + electronic + chill things

Send an e-mail to pingthings-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
for updates on *all* the latest releases on sale at ping things

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THE AMBiENT PiNG is a social sound/art event presenting
live performances by Toronto's finest ambient, chillout, improv
and experimental music artists plus performers from across
the continent, every Tuesday evening at HACiENDA -
794 Bathurst Street at Bloor. http://www.theambientping.com

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Please forward this e-mail to any friends who may be interested
in live ambient, chillout and experimental music performances
or to any of your appropriate newsgroups. Thanks.