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RE: Everyday digest / Loop Videos / How to get file size down!

I've been meaning to ask a related question after seeing one of my looping videos in this digest from Kim. It has to do with finding the best quality yet smallest file size for videos. For this video below, and the others, they were shot professionally in a studio with three camera men, producer, sound engineer, etc...and there was a some good effects like panning or fading from camera to camera, superimposing camera shots, and so on. I was given the master on Super VHS, which I paid to have converted to DVD. I ripped the DVD to the best quality mpeg (DVD editing quality), then converted that to a series of Windows Media (wmv) videos. The quality of these wmv videos is acceptable...no overt choppiness in the sound. movement is relatively smooth, etc, but the files are still large. A 10 min. 25 second video of mine is 15MB and the size is 208 x 160. 
However, is there a media format that will get the file size down even further without loosing quality? I've tried Real Audio...no luck. I hear Sorensen Squeeze 4 can do this but I'm too cheap to buy it. http://www.sorensonstore.com/product_info.php?url=http://www.sorensonstore.com/products/sq4cswin.html  It sounds like the ticket though.
...looking for other options, or I just suck it up and accept a 15MB file size for a 10 minute video.

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Looping Tool(s): Two Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro units
Instrument(s): Taylor Acoustic
URL: http://www.krispenhartung.com
Comments: Video shot on September 28, 2004. The music in this video was predominately improvised on the spot with the acoustic guitar, various tone altering effects, and real-time looping technology (EDPs). The video was produced for Brian Dyas' "Boise City Limits", a program aired on Treasure Valley Public Access Television, Boise, Idaho (USA)

Krispen Hartung - Acoustic guitar and real-time looping
Video Production - Brian Dyas
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