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Re: FCB 101/RDP Question. I still don't get it.

On Jun 23, 2005, at 2:18, Chris Sewell wrote:

> Ill buy a bottle of scotch to anyone who can help. I have the FCB  
> pedals programmed for all the standard footswitch controls, Rec,  
> Overdub, etc.
> I just dont under stand how to program the Expression pedals. I got  
> emails saying they work just like the other pedals. But, they don't.
> For instance, record is note 38. What are the notes for Output volume.

The expression pedals can not send a note number. They can only send  
continues controller data (MIDI cc). There are 127 MIDI cc's and each  
one can vary between value 1 and 128 (or between 0 and 127, but  
that's the same).

> What should VolumeCont on the EDP be set at?

I think the EDP ships with Volume mapped to MIDI cc 7. That's the  
standard for most electronic instruments.

> Or FeedbackCont for that matter?

Simply set the FCB expr pedal to a cc number and set the EDP to pick  
Feedback Control from that MIDI cc. Remember to set the EDP to listen  
on the same general MIDI as everything is sent on from the FCB.

> How do I let the EDP know which expression pedal it should listen to?

Programming the EDP is done from the front panel buttons.

> How do I tell the FCB to send info from the expression pedals.

See the FCB manual for how to program it. Just remember, as someone  
just pointed out, that the FCB sets the MIDI channel globally for  
every "pad" (that's what the Behringer manual calls the functions).  
Don't mix up such a "pad" with the physical buttons you step on. A  
physical button can be set to trigger one or many pads. Each pad does  
only send its data on the MIDI channel specified in the global  
setting menu. I had some hard time before I understood this from  
reading the FCB manual.

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