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RE: Looping equipment list yawn...

I'm a yawn!
But I'm happy . . .
I played last night at the Hilton in SD (not poolside, a restaurant venue I
played 5 years ago or so) and looped for 5 minutes in the middle of a 4 
sequenced one man band presentation (with the doggone Ztar!) and no one was
impressed . . . they did applaud after Brown Eyed Girl tho--go figure.
BTW, on the advice of one of my peers (he's in my ensemble and he also does
a solo there) I played just at the level of audibility so as not to offend.
I am playing there poolside (Mission Bay) about once a week (mostly Friday
1-5) until I offend someone (last week, folks told the management I was too
loud) and I always include loops in my performances--but as I say, once
they've heard sequencing, they aren't impressed by live looping.  I am not
sure that they are paying much attention at all . . . that may be as it
should be.