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Re: Looping equipment list yawn...

--- John Corbett <phishmarisol18@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yes, an attempt.  If I felt it were complete I would
> have not started this.  It's obvious to me at least
> that the page needs updating.

I wouldn't want to try to count the number of times
over the years that Kim has invited us to participate
in contributing to the site. I'm not ragging on you
for trying to compile a list of looping devices; it's
an excellent idea. But wouldn't your efforts be more
efficiently applied towards making the existing
resource more complete or up-to-date? Rather than a
simple unverified list of brand names and model
numbers (which took about 10 minutes to become
seriously inaccurate with "Dela Pro" and fictitious
Boss/DigiTech hybrid vaporware), the Tools page
features reviews and technical tips written by
listmembers who've spent a lot of time getting to know
the gear; just the sort of thing that would be useful
to someone trying to decide which device would be best
for them. If you feel the resource could/should be
improved or if you know of a looping device that
should be on the page and isn't, as Kim has said many
times, please feel free to help out.


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