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Re:Re: what about patchbay ?

If you want to do mods, the Behringer Ultralink isn't any good,
it uses tiny surface mounted components.
( I've not had problems with the sound quality, )

The Rane units (SM82) look easy to mod, and the schematic is downloadable 
from their site.
...but beware, just putting in top notch op-amps in place of the standard 
ones isn't always going to work. A better op amp will have a better 
hi-frequency response, and may make the circuit unstable.
(although this probably wouldn't be a problem on a line mixer, as the gain 
is v.low)

andy butler

>I can only talk from my experience with the Rane SM82, which works great, 
>but this is the first time ever I`ve heard anyone
>claim that Behringer is generally of better quality than the Rane 
>products. And I`ve heard a lot on many rec forums.  :-)
>The Rane is not perfect and a here are a couple of threads from rec.audio 
>about changing the opamps for better sonics;