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RE: what about patchbay ?

Title: Nachricht
I've lost track of this thread, but I used to own a Rocktrock MIDI Patchbay that was a wonderfully convenient device. It had 10 or so independent stereo inputs-outputs, all of which could be punched in our out via MIDI. They discontinued the unit, but it was perfect for putting all of your stomp boxes in a rack (upright and facing out) and punching them in and out of your mix without the whole serial chain signal hemophelia syndrom. I don't have a use for one anymore, but I wish I had one anyway.

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Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:53 PM
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Subject: Re: what about patchbay ?

I can only talk from my experience with the Rane SM82, which works great, but this is the first time ever I`ve heard anyone
claim that Behringer is generally of better quality than the Rane products. And I`ve heard a lot on many rec forums.  :-)
The Rane is not perfect and a here are a couple of threads from rec.audio about changing the opamps for better sonics;
I once mailed Jim Willams regarding a possible upgrade (I`m no tech head) and the answer I got was;
"I did an extensive mod on one of those for tonmeister Andrew Lipinsky several years ago. It was OK, but it's tiny power transformer limits what quality parts can be used. It's probably not worth the money to do that much work on it unless you have stringent acoustic recording requirements.
Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades
You could do some of your routing ideas with a line mixer like the SM82. The stereo send and return could be used as two
mono effect loops returning to two free mono channels rather than using the effect returns. There`s good documentation on the Rane site;
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Subject: AW: what about patchbay ?

I'd like to advise against the smaller Behringer mixers...they are so cheap that they really ARE cheap. Rule of thumb: do not get one of those below the €100 price mark. I have to admit I haven't been testing the UB series to a greater extent, but I do own two MX2642A and firmly believe that this must be the best mixer ever built for artists with lots of effects (like most of us): six auxes and four busses, a total of 26 inputs (or 8 mono ins (w/ inserts AND direct outs), 4 stereo ins, 4 aux returns and one tape return), it's a rackmount device and its patchbay (which has all the connectors mounted to it, not the usual inputs and inserts on top, outputs on the rear) can be mounted on the rear or the bottom (great for rack installation).
Without wanting to start a flame war, I believe that Behringer gear is of a higher quality in every aspect than Rane gear. While Mackie does win over Behringer with regard to reliability, some of the Behringer stuff actually wins with regard to audio specs.
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Betreff: Re: what about patchbay ?

It\s not clear to me if you are looking for a patchbay or a line mixer.
A patch is great for routing and making gear accessible but it won`t mix several sourches down to stereo. I have a couple of the Rane SM82 line mixers and they are solid and clean sounding. Eight stereo ins, stereo send and return, balanced stereo out (if needed) etc. The SM26 is a more simple version. Both can be found on ebay;
Probably several here who use different brands of line mixers as well as the smaller Mackie and Behringer mixers.
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Subject: what about patchbay ?

Apart this (it's just to share...) I know there are lot of you in this list
having a big knowledge about mixers and connection systems.
And as you know there may be a lot of methods to send the "played" signal
into a loop machine (bus, alternate outs, out sends, etc...)
What I'd like to know is if "patchbay" (like behringer products)
are usefull for connect 2 or 3  stereo loop-machines, receiving the "played " signal
from a source.
What about ?
Thanks in advantage for your suggestions.